Monday, July 6, 2009

Organic Root Stimulator Deep Conditioner

::I never ever post anything that is pertaining to hair, but I knew that I had to add a post about my all time favorite deep conditioner. I can't say enough good things about Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Deep Conditioner because this stuff is the S__t! Okay, so I normally get mine from a beauty supply store, but it can be purchased at Walmart as well. This deep conditioner is good for those of us who's hair is natural, relaxed, color treated, damaged, etc.

::My hair is oily and fine and it even works very well on my hair w/o it being weighed down. Now After I shampoo my hair, I leave this in for about 30-40 minutes and I cover my head with a conditioning cap (a jheri curl cap...crinkle crinkle) and you can also do this and sit under the dryer, but I normally don't because I don't have the patience the sit under dryer. Once you rinse it out, your hair will feel sooooo soft and it leaves a light citrusy smell.

*Please excuse the poor quality of this pic


Makeup Looks

::The girlfriend is a photographer and she took a few shots of me outside of a wedding that we both attended as well as one she did the photography for and I did the bride's makeup. This wedding took place on May 23, 2009. It was so fun working together!
::As you can see these are the same photos, but with her new editing program she made one black and white and one in color. Hmmm I'm not sure which one I like most. What do you think?

::My hair has that Mariah Carey "wind in the hair" kind of thing going on, but it was hot as hell for it to be the month of May, so i'm not sure how that effect came about. I can't even remember what makeup I used because I was rushing to get to the wedding.

::Here is a pic of the beautiful, blushing, and expecting bride. She was 7 months pregnant and she still rocked her wedding dress beautifully!

::Either she was trying to make sexy eyes or she got her picture taken during a blink. I'm not sure, but she's a fun person so knowing her...she was trying to do the sexy, bedroom eyes kinda thing, but she looks intoxicated.