Thursday, October 29, 2009

LOTD: Fun & Flirty Reds & Purples

::I was on my way out to a birthday party and my sister was in the car blowing her horn for me to "hurry the hell up!" I took a quick pic as my sister waited impatiently in the car. I tried to take another pic in the car, but I swear my sister was burning the road up and hitting every speed bump! This was the best pic I could take in a hurry so I'm posting it anyway! lol

::I could of taken a pic when I came home from the party but "thanks" to the Nuvo that I had been drinking all night long...there was NO way that I could even attempt to take a pic! :x lol

* I swear my face wasn't this shiny when I took this
OOOOOkay here we go...Face: The Usu-AL
Cheeks: MAC Blush in Sweetness, Revlon MSF in Brighten
Eyes: UDPP, NYX Jumbo E/S Pencil in Rust, NYX E/S in Rust (on lids), MAC E/S in Parfait Armour (in the crease), MAC E/S in Girlish Romp (the pink color only) above the crease, Some dark purple color e/s from my 120 pallete (outter v), Highlight Color (?), and Red Cherry Lashes in # 600.
Lips: MAC's Dazzleglass in Baby Sparks



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