Wednesday, December 31, 2008

LOTD: Pink & Black

::Hello Lovelies! I decided to do a pink & black look before my family and I took my nephew (my youngest one) out to dinner last night for his 11th birthday. I had to rush rush rush to get this look done and believe me, my sister rushed me! Lol. I wasn't going to post this pic because this look isn't all that great, but I said what the hell, and posted it anyway.

Face: MAC Oil Control Lotion, Monistat Chafing Gel (Primer), MAC Mattifying Cream, Loreal True Match Concealer in C6,C7,&C8 (under eyes), MAC Concealer in NC50 (on other areas of my face), MAC Studio Tech Foundation in NC45, MAC Studio Fix Powder (? color), I forgot my MAC Blot Powder..oops
Cheeks: MAC Blush in Sweetness & N.Y.C Chroma Glow Blush in Moonstone (as a highlight)
EyeBrows: Milani Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown & NYX e/s in Dark Brown
Eyes: UDPP, All e/s was used from my Manly 120 e/s Pallette, MAC EyeLiner in Engraved, Maybelline Collossal Lash Mascara in Glam Black, & My Criss Cross Eyelashes that I ordered from Ebay (10 pairs for $7.98..woohoo!)
Lips: Elf Lipgloss in Watermelon, NYX Lipgloss in Ice Princess, & MAC Dazzle Glass in Like Venus

::My nephew wanted to goto the Tokyo Japanese Steak House for Hibachi and here his a pic of him and his friends. They were "patiently" waiting for the chef to start doing his magic on the grill.

Alexis, Jalen (my nephew the birthday can tell he didn't want to take the pic), & Donte (someone loves the and check out that smile!)

*Spicy Tuna Rolls (sorry the pic isn't so clear)

::I loove Spicy Tuna Rolls! I like using chopsticks when I eat them, even though I look like I belong on the short bus when I'm doing it. .lol! They are truely spicy too...yum

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Oil Control: A Little Guide For Us Oily Skin Girls

::Hello Lovelies! I thought that I would share with all of you, the products that I use to control my oily skin before I apply my foundation. Let me start off by saying, I have a very oily T-zone and at times I hate it! I feel like you can fry chicken on my face or even see your reflection when you look at me and I can't stand it....YUCK! Even though I despise having oily skin, it does have a plus side to it. People who tend to have oily skin, don't wrinkle as fast as a person with dry skin, so the oil keeps the skin looking more supple and younger....hmmmm I'm 28 now, so when I'm 38 will I still look 28? I hope so! =o) Anyways, Here are the products that I use to prevent my oil slick.

The Products include: Monistat Relief Powder Gel, MAC Oil Control Lotion, MAC Mattifying Cream, & MAC Blot Powder (Dark)

::I use all of these products when applying foundation because I like a really matte finish, but you can use up to as many as you would like because they all control oil in some sort of way. I'm going to review these products in the order that I use them before I put on my makeup.

1. MAC Oil Control Lotion: This moisturizer has a fresh clean scent to it, and it gives enough moisture to leave your skin feeling soft, but not oily. This product feels a little wet and kind of sticky after I apply it , so I like to wait at a few minutes and let this dry before I proceed with my next step.
Price: $28.00
Pros: It has a pleasant scent, and it gives your skin enough moisture to make it soft without leaving it greasy.
Cons: It can leave your face feeling a little wet and sticky and I don't think it's worth $28.00.
2. Monistat Relief Powder Gel: This is the newest product that I added to my oil control collection. I only used this a few times and so far I really like it! It allows your foundation to go on really smooth because creates a barrier between your face and the makeup. It comes out as a gel, but it dries to a silky powdery finish and it helps to eliminate oil.
Price: $6.00-8.00 (depending on where you purchase it from)
Pros: It allows your foundation to go on very smooth and it's a cheap alternative if you don't want to pay a lot for a high end primer.
Cons: It may clog pores because it is a silicone based gel.
3. MAC Mattifying Cream: The consistency of this product isn't a cream at all, its a gel that goes on very sheer and dries to a powdery finish. This cream (gel) is perfect for those who only get oily in there t-zone or someone with combination skin. Only a few drops is needed to control your oily areas.
Price: $17.50
Pros: This product does well at giving you a matte look and it's great for someone that doesn't have extremely oily skin and for those who don't want to use a primer all over there face, because you use this only on your oily areas.
Cons: My face still gets a little shiny if I don't use a another oil control product with it.
4. MAC Blot Pressed Powder: I love this powder because it goes on sheer and it doesn't turn your foundation another color no matter how many times you apply it. Blot Powder is great for touch ups if you start to get that unwanted glow. It's best applied to your oily areas only and I apply it after I complete my entire makeup routine.
Price: $21.00
Pros: It's very sheer and it will not darken your foundation, even if you apply it multiple times.
Cons: It doesn't control oil on it's own, so another oil control product will be needed.

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Monday, December 29, 2008

New Items From Maybelline!

::On my lunch break I decided to goto one of my favorite stores...TARGE' (Target) to browse (which I always leave out of there with something) and of course I had to mosey wosey along through the makeup aisles and I came across some new items by Maybelline. I came across a new mascara called "Maybelline Lash Stilleto" and also a new foundation called "Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Airbrush Finish Foundation."

**Please excuse the pics for not being so clear, I tried to take them quickly as possible so people wouldn't think I was a nut case for standing there taking pics of the makeup.. lol

Maybelline Lash Stilletto
::The Maybelline Lash Stilletto Mascara comes in a chic looking tube and the colors range from Brown Black - Very Black.

::Here's what Maybelline had to say about it:
Maybelline New York Lash Stiletto Ultimate Length Mascara: The hottest length your lashes will ever wear! Whether you have naturally luxurious eyelashes or short, sparse ones, there is no denying the femininity and seduction of a perfectly primed set of lashes. Introducing the Lash Stiletto Ultimate Length Mascara, a dramatic lengthening mascara, enriched with Pro-vitamin B-5 to condition and strengthen your lashes to new heights. This exciting new mascara aims to do for your lashes what stilettos do for your legs. We're talking long, sexy, sleek lashes that will make you irresistible under the mistletoe this year. This season, make your lashes your best accessory by test driving Maybelline New York's sexiest, flirtiest mascara yet.

::I can't give it a personal review because I just seen it today, but reading the reviews it was given a 4 out of 5 stars.

Maybelline Dream Liquid Foundation Airbrush Finish

**It looks like I'm missing
::The Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Airbrush Finish Foundation (that is way too much to say) comes in a variety of colors ..I can't remember all of the colors, but I do know that there about 3 colors for us brownie girls such as Tan, Caramel, and Cocoa.

::Okay I'm guilty as sin when it comes to testing out makeup in non department stores, makeup stores, and counters because I hate having to go back to return makeup. While I was in Target I tried on the MDLMAF in the color Caramel and to my surprise..the color matched my skin perfectly! I DO NOT have luck when it comes to matching my skin tone for foundation and this maybe a cheap alternative when I don't want to pay a pretty penny for foundation. This foundation can be worn for sheer to buildable coverage and it would go on smoothly with a duo fiber stippling brush. I think with concealer and setting it with a powder, this foundation would be actually pretty good. It's an hour in half later and the area where I applied the foundation still looks smooth and matte and it hasn't faded...I maybe going back to make the purchase. =o)

::So far I will give it a 5 stars.

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