Friday, May 8, 2009

Review on Revlon ColorStay Foundation

::I'm sure you've seen a million reviews on the Revlon ColorStay Foundation from different blogs and You Tube videos, but here's what I have to say about it.

::I've been wearing this foundation since march and figure I would need a little more time than just a week or two to get the actual feel of this foundation because I'm very notorious for getting something, trying it, not liking, trying it again, and then absolutely loving it!

::After reading a bunch of reviews on how great this foundation is..I figured I would give it a try since nothing else I was using at the time was working. I did a small test in the store on my jawline and it was a perfect match. When I wore it for the first time I tried it with my stippling brush and I liked how it blended , but wasn't enough coverage (I have bad acne scars) and it seemed watered down. The following day I applied this with a foundation brush and once didn't cover as much as I wanted it too (I like my foundation to cover as much as possible because I don't like to use a ton of concealer)..I put this on my makeup stand and went back to using my MAC Select Spf 15 and then my skin started breaking out, I stop using that and I started using my Maybelline Liquid Mousse foundation, but I stop using that because I was a grease monkey within 2 hours of applying and that's using mattifyers, primers, etc.

::Well since I was losing my battle with finding that "perfect" foundation, I figured I've give the Revlon Colorstay a try once again. I applied it with a stippling brush and that did the trick! I had flawless results and I was pretty pleased with it. Even though I use the Combination/Oily Formula, My nose still gets very oily so that's the only area that I don't use it on. I like it because it doesn't leave that ugly brown stain on your collar and it stays on all day.

:: I wear this in Combination/Oily Skin in the color 400 Caramel. For those of you who are:

1. MAC NC45/50
2. Iman Foundation Stick in Earth 1
3. Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in Caramel
4. Loreal True Match Cappucinno

You can easily find this at any drugstore, walmart, target, etc. and you can find it on sale. This does actually last all day and it doesn't get everywhere. It feels light on my skin and it doesn't give me breakouts. This foundation comes in a wide range of colors.

Like others have said, there's no pump and it's easy to waste some of the product.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

LOTD: Red Lips

::Okay...I have been trying to do a post for about a week now and I have NOT been able too! I have tried from 2 different computers and it still wouldn't let me. I was finally able to post this and I have more posts on the way. This one's for you Miss Katrina (Ahoy Mate) =o)

::I'm stil trying to master the red lip thing. I love red lips on other people, but I have never liked it on myself, but I don't think this color red is all that bad on me. What do you think?

*My bangs look like a comb

Face: MAC Oil Control Lotion, Loreal True Match Concealer (C6-7-8) under eyes only, MAC Concealer in NC50, Revlon ColorStay Foundation in 400 Caramel, MAC MSF Natural in Dark, MAC Blot Powder in Dark (T-Zone Only)

Cheeks: MAC Sculpt & Shape Duo in Warm Light Definitive (Contour Side Only), I can't remember what blush or highlighter I used...

Eyes: UDPP, MAC e/s in Embark in the crease, MAC Carbon in the outter-v, MAC e/s in Retrospeck as a Hightlighter, MAC Eyeliner in Engraved (bottom), Loreal HIP Creme Eyeliner in Black (top), Maybelline Collassal Lash Mascara in Glam BLack, and False Eyelashes I ordered from ebay.

Lips: MAC Lip Liner in Currant, MAC Lipstick in M.A.C Red (Russian Red lipstick was a tad bit too drying for me), and MAC Dazzle Glass in Love Alert (center of my lips only)

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