Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Look

::I don't ever dress up for Halloween, but I did want to create some sort of dramatic look. I've had these false lashes for a while now and I couldn't wait wear them, so today of course was the perfect day. I must say...they were hard as hell to put on because the band is soo thick! It was fun creating this look because I would never just wear this..just to wear this. Please excuse my looks ruff! lol

Face: SPF 15 Foundation in NC50, MAC Studio Fix Foundation ( I don't know the color), Mineralize Skin Finish in Dark MAC Oil Control Lotion, MAC Mattifying Creme, Loreal True Match Concealer in C6-7-8 (medium/deep), MAC Select

Cheeks: MAC Powder Blush in Sweetness & NYC Chroma Color FAce Glow in Sun Stone

Eyes: UDPP, NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils (Hot Pink & Black Bean), Pure Luxe Mineral Eyeshadow in Ouch, Pure Luxe Eyeshadow in Shameless, MAC Eyeshadow in Carbon, & MAC Eyeshadow in Retrospeck (as a highlight)

Eyes: FeatherLash Fetish Eyelashes (Halloween Lashes), MAC Power Point Eyeliner in Engraved, Sephora Curling Mascara in Black

Lips: NYX Lip Liner in Raven, NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipstick in Sparkling Red, & NYX Lipgloss in Salsa


Cover Girl Queen Collection

Cover Girl Queen Collection Natural Hue Compact Foundation
::I didn't originally plan on reviewing this product, but after testing it out today, I just had too! Every few months or so, I like to change up my foundation because it seems like my skin tone gets lighter or darker and the effect of the foundation, just doesn't seem to live up to it's standards. Well anyway, I have been eyeing this foundation for a while, but as usual, I get a little "Iffy" when it comes to trying drugstore brands because my skin tone is so hard to match. As you can see I'm brown-skinned, but I have red undertones so my skin usually will make foundation turn red...yuck! Now getting back to my review of this product, I went to Targe' (as some of us call it) on my lunch break and I decided to go ahead and try out this foundation. I'm sure the employees hate to see me coming because I will open the package up before I buy it and test it out, I know it's wrong, but I hate the hassle of returning things. I must have tried 4 colors and NOT one of them matched my skin color and I might as well had put tomato juice on my face! The foundation looked like it was sitting on top of my skin. No luck with this hunt for the right foundation continues...aarrghh!
Pros: Pretty packaging, Great marketing concept.
Cons: Couldn't find the right match, Didn't blend well.


Trick or Treat!


Here is a Ghost Story that I found on the website.

Late Night Ride
Jerry was driving home late one night when he saw a young lady waiting by a bus stop. He stopped his car and told her that he didn't think the buses were running so late at night and offered her a ride. The fall night air was getting chilly, so he took off his jacket and gave it to her. Jerry found out that the girl's name was Mary and she was on her way home.After an hours drive, they arrived at her home and he dropped her off by the front door. Jerry said goodnight and went home himself.

The next day he remembered that Mary still had his jacket.He drove to her house and knocked on the door, an old woman answered.John told her about the ride he had given her daughter Mary, and had come back to get the jacket he had lent her. The old woman looked very confused.John noticed a picture of Mary on the fireplace mantel. He pointed to it and told the old woman that that was the girl he had given a ride to.With her voice shaking, the old woman told Jerry that her daughter had been dead for many years and was buried in a cemetery about an hours drive away from there.

Jerry ran to his car and drove to the cemetery.... He found his jacket, neatly folded on top of a grave...the name on the gravestone was Mary!


Look of The Day: Pink & Purple Eyes

::Here is a pic of my older sister right before she went out on a date with her boyfriend. My sister is pretty simple when it comes to makeup, so I decided to glammed her up a little bit. Everytime I do her makeupI have to practically beg her to put on blush or

I see ya sis trying to be sexy! LOL

Face: Start with a fresh clean face. MAC Oil Control Lotion, MAC Mattifying Cream, Loreal Bare Naturale Mineral Concealer in Medium, Loreal True Match Foundation in Sun Beige - W6, MAC Mineralize Skin Finisher in Medium/Dark, & MAC Blot Powder in Medium/Dark (on the nose only)
Cheeks: Milani Mosaic Powder in Sweet Cheeks & Milani Shimmer Stripes in Berry Shimmer as a highlight
Eyebrows: NYX Eyeshadow in Dark Brown & Smash Box Brow Tech in Auburn
Eyes: UDPP, NYX Eyeshadow Pencils (Strawberry Milk & Purple), MAC Eyeshadow in Pink Freeze, Pure Luxe Mineral Eyeshadow in Tickle, MAC Eyeshadow in & MAC Eyeshadow in Vex, MAC Eyeshadow in Creme De Violet & A Sheer Pink Eyeshadow from my Dani Pallet (as a hightlight)
Eyes: Andrea Lashes in # 767S, Loreal HIP Creme Eyeliner in Black, MAC Power Point Eyeliner in Engraved (on the bottom), & Sephora Curling Mascara
Lips: NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in Rose Brown & MAC Dazzle Glass in Baby Sparks


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Haul & Swatch

::I have been terrible this past week! I have bought some sort of makeup in just about every store that I have been into that sells cosmetics and it's almost like I can't stop! Now, one thing that I am extremely happy about is...I have gotten some really good deals on almost all of these items. I got 50% off on all of the NYX cosmetics and they were purchased at a beauty supply store and in this same store, I seen these Nabi Cosmetics for only $1 and they have pretty good color pay off, I used my $5 off coupon at Ulta and got a few eyeshadows, and FINALLY I found the perfect red lipstick from MAC's "Red She Said" Collection and I love it!

Here's the Swatch

**The blushes & eyeshadow look pale due to the flash, but they have really have good color payoff.

Top Row: NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in Hera, MAC's Creme Sheen Lipstick in Dare You ("Red" She Said Collection), Nabi Lipstick in Rose Beige, NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipstick in Sparkling Rust, & NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipstick in Sparkling Red

Bottom Row: Nabi Blush in Flamingo, Nabi Blush in Hot Rose, Nabi Blush in Plum, Nabi Eyeshadow in Prune, Ulta Eyeshadow in Veridigris, & Prestige Eyeshadow in Love

oops!...I just remembered that I brought a NYX Lipgloss (Vanilla), and I completely forgot about it. It's a brownish-pink color and it has subtle shimmer in it.

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More Randomness

::It's 1:06 a.m. and here I am blogging as if I don't have to work in the morning. I'm going to be tired and sluggish tomorrow, but oh least it's Friday.


Look of The Day: Grey Smokey Eyes

My head looks so!

Face: Starting with a clean face. Loreal True Match Concealer in C6-7-8 (Medium/Deep), MAC Studio Fix Foundation Stick in NC45, MAC Studio Fix Foundation (I can't remember the color), & MAC Blot Powder in Dark

Cheeks: MAC Sculpt & Shape Powder in Warm Light Definitive, & Milani Mineral Blush in
Sunset Beach

Eyebrows: Using a small angled brush, I used MAC Embark Matte Eyeshadow

Eyes: UDPP, NYX Eyeshadow Pencils (Pots & Pans and Slate), NYX Eyeshadow in Silver, L.A Colors Palette in Stormy (5th color from the left), & Ulta Eyeshadow in Granite

Eyes: MAC's PowerPoint Pencil in Engraved (waterline), Loreal HIP Creme Eyeliner in Black (top of eyelid), & Sephora Curling Mascara in Black

Lips: NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in Rose Brown & NYX Lip Gloss in Sunshine


Dermalactives Beautifying Facial Peel

Beautifying Facial Peel - $70 Help rebuild cells with this authentic polypeptide, amino acid and vitamin-packed peel.

To Spa: Apply to face once or twice weekly. Gently peel small areas at a time to reveal a beautiful glow.

Ingredients: Aqua(Purified Water), Butylene Glycol, Carbomer, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Hydrolyzed Elastin, Algae Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Tocopheryl Acetate(Vitamin E), Ascorbic Acid(Vitamin C), Polysorbate 20, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Diazolidinyl Urea, Fragrance

Dermalactives is a line of skin care created by a team of skin care scientists in conjunction with licensed estheticians and dermatologists. It is revolutionary because it's the only anti-aging treatment that actually delivers protein rich collagen and elastin to all layers of the skin without using a needle.
Most products and treatments on the market today treat the top layer of the skin, with very little absorption and virtually no penetration into the skin's deeper layers where the actual growth of collagen and elastin happens. Collagen - by itself - normally needs to be injected, because the molecules are too big to be absorbed. Not so with Dermalactives.
The result is a visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and improved skin tone and texture feeds the skin with collagen and elastin while sending healthy skin cells to the areas needing them. Its breakthrough cosmetic technology - and it works!

::My mom came all the way from Las Vegas to visit me here in VA this past week. She brought this facial peel along with her and of course I had to try it. It made my skin feel very soft and clean without the tight feeling. My mother is 50 and she is damn near wrinkle and blemish free! She has been using wrinkle creams for many many years and her skin looks way better than mine. From this point on I'm going to start using products that are made for wrinkles, age dying, or for mature skin even though I'm 28, because I want to make sure..that this "black don't crack!"