Thursday, October 30, 2008

Haul & Swatch

::I have been terrible this past week! I have bought some sort of makeup in just about every store that I have been into that sells cosmetics and it's almost like I can't stop! Now, one thing that I am extremely happy about is...I have gotten some really good deals on almost all of these items. I got 50% off on all of the NYX cosmetics and they were purchased at a beauty supply store and in this same store, I seen these Nabi Cosmetics for only $1 and they have pretty good color pay off, I used my $5 off coupon at Ulta and got a few eyeshadows, and FINALLY I found the perfect red lipstick from MAC's "Red She Said" Collection and I love it!

Here's the Swatch

**The blushes & eyeshadow look pale due to the flash, but they have really have good color payoff.

Top Row: NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in Hera, MAC's Creme Sheen Lipstick in Dare You ("Red" She Said Collection), Nabi Lipstick in Rose Beige, NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipstick in Sparkling Rust, & NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipstick in Sparkling Red

Bottom Row: Nabi Blush in Flamingo, Nabi Blush in Hot Rose, Nabi Blush in Plum, Nabi Eyeshadow in Prune, Ulta Eyeshadow in Veridigris, & Prestige Eyeshadow in Love

oops!...I just remembered that I brought a NYX Lipgloss (Vanilla), and I completely forgot about it. It's a brownish-pink color and it has subtle shimmer in it.

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