Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Facts About Me

::Hello Blissful Bloggers! It's Hump Day and I'm feeling very random & bored today at work , so I thought would share more insite about myself.

Here's My Randomness
  1. Where were you born: Flint, MI
  2. Are you short or tall: Short..I'm 4"11 need I say more
  3. Favorite Color: My favorite color changes with the seasons and lately I've been into the color black
  4. Marital Status: I'm in a relationship with the sweetest & sexiest stud ever!
  5. Favorite Foods: Fettucine Alfredo & Sushi
  6. Pets: A 7 Mos. Old Shih Tzu named Raven
  7. Who's Your Inspiration: My Mother
  8. Siblings: 1 older sister
  9. Places you visited: New York, Maryland, Ohio, California, Florida, Nevada, Canada, Michigan, Arkansas, Mexico, Georgia, Washington D.C, & Illinois,
  10. Favorite Cocktail: Apple Martini
  11. Favorite Product: Vaseline...I have the dryest skin ever!
  12. Highest Grade you completed: Undergraduate SchooI at Wilberforce University, in Ohio. I have a B.S in Marketing
  13. Favorite Perfume: Baby Phat Goddess
  14. Most Embarrassing Moment: During the winter time, I fell on some slippery ice in front of a bunch of people.
  15. Shoe Size: 6
  16. Most Happiest Moment: When I graduated from High School
  17. Do you have kids: No
  18. Your best feature: My Tatas
  19. Most Saddest Moment: On 04/01/08, when I found out that my father passed away
  20. Favorite TV Show: I'm almost ashamed to admit it....I am a Reality T.V. show Junkie! so I don't actually have a favorite show



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